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InvestEd is a self-paced, digital online course that explores the significant rewards and risks of Angel Investing in startups. This Angel Investing 101 course has been carefully curated by Australia’s most experienced Angel Investors alongside the expert team at Scale Investors.

InvestEd offers an insider's perspective and best practices in this lucrative asset class - including: 

  • How to vet an early stage business

  • What investors look for in teams (the founder X-factor)

  • How much to invest

  • The risks and rewards of Angel Investing

  • How to structure a deal 

...and much, much more!

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"Investing in startups at the beginning of their journey is as daunting as it is rewarding. There is so much to learn, from how to work with founders to the intricacies of the legal and financial aspects of making an investment. This early-stage investor education series goes into great detail in all the areas you need to understand to maximize the enjoyment and success of that journey."

Matthew Pryor, CEO/CTO, Observant Chair, Rocket Seeder, Monash University

"This Early stage investment education series enables an investor to get holistic insight into both the structure of the investing journey, the terminology used, and to the wisdom of investors who generously share their successes and their mistakes – both equally important in appreciating that no one investment is the same."


Wendy Bonnici – Investor and Advisor


"I believe the Scale online education program will allow both new and experienced angel investors to gain additional knowledge about this important contributor to the Australian economy, via a self-paced program that can be accessed conveniently from home or workspace."


Michael Vitale – Educator, Director, Angel Investor

What will you learn?

Australia’s most experienced Angel Investors provide insight to help you build a took kit for investing in the high risk, high return investment asset class of startups. This course is a must-do for those looking to begin their Angel Investing journey...

  • Who are the players in the investing ecosystem

  • What is the difference between an angel and venture capital (VC)

  • What do angel investors looking for in a startup?

  • How do you vet an early stage business model?

  • What do investors look for in teams?

  • How best to think about the deal structure

  • How do you value a startup

  • How do you access deals

  • How do you do due diligence (DD)?

  • How much DD is too much, or too little?

  • How do I build a portfolio of startup investments?

  • How much should I invest?

  • How do I mitigate my risks?

  • How can I help the company grow?

  • Do I invest in a follow-on round?

  • How  can I help to work towards an exit?

  • What is involved in being on a start up board?

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